Steve Harris - Principal

Steve Harris

Started January 1997

Steve has been Managing Director of Graffiti Solutions for the past 18 years. In this time the company has become the acknowledged leader in graffiti control in New Zealand.

This is due to Steve’s strong management qualifications and extensive experience in such areas as property management.

As an industry leader, Steve is often called on to provide advice and consulting services to a diverse range of organisations and is well respected within the wider community.

Steve is able to manage Safety, Quality, Environmental Impact and Financial requirements to a high level, while meeting or exceeding the client’s expectations with regard to programme and budget.

Steve demonstrates his proactive approach to management by working with each Client in a ‘partnering’ management style. His ability to communicate at any level in the management structure will ensure the Client is regularly informed on the contract’s progression and programme.

He has a strong team behind him who all work together to provide a professional service.

Technical Qualifications:
  • Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
  • Chartered Accountant (CA) (retired)
  • Level 2/3 STMS - (NP)
  • Heavy goods class 2/4 licence
  • Site Safe Passport (Civil)
  • Certificate of Training in CPTED
    (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)
  • Internal Auditor (International Certifications)
  • Workplace First Aid
  • Dangerous Goods Handling
  • Working at Heights

Edward Sundstrum - Director

Edward Sundstrum

Ed has worked in the property sector predominately in development for the last 12 years,  in 2007 he spent 3 years working  for a London based hedge fund  managing assets in the Middle  East, UK, HK and Continental Europe. Prior to 2007 Ed was a development manager at Multiplex NZ working on the design and  delivery of the Deloitte Building, 80  Queen Street, Auckland. 

Prior to arriving back in New Zealand in August 2014 he was based in Sydney for three years where he acted as a development manager for AMB Capital Partners. 

He has recently completed a portfolio rationalisation for the Ferry Building Partnership. 

Ed holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Otago University.




Therese Kilpatrick - Manager

Therese Kilpatrick

Started April 2008

Therese has had over 9 years’ experience in the glass protection industry, the last 5 years as Manager of GSL Glassguard Ltd, a sister company to Graffiti Solutions Limited.

She has been instrumental in developing innovative protection systems and leading film systems, including printed laminates which have been widely used on bus and railway platform shelters.

Therese is proactive in running GSL Glassguard, with a hands-on, practical approach to all facets of the business. Attention to detail coupled with a strong customer satisfaction focus has resulted in strong growth and industry profile.

As well as being a determined and efficient manager, Therese is a capable applicator of laminates. Components of her position include assisting with specification of suitable laminates, liaison with project architects and engineers, contract negotiation, job planning, quality control, and site management.

Therese managed the protection of the Victoria Park Acoustic Barrier, the largest and most demanding etching and graffiti protection project undertaken in New Zealand.


Technical Qualifications:


Tim Smith - Health & Safety Manager - Operations Manager - Environmental Manager - Traffic Manager

Tim Smith

Started May 2004

Tim has over 25 years’ experience in the construction industry. He has extensive experience in the protection and cleaning of fragile substrates.

He is an experienced manager with varied responsibilities in this role. He is responsible for dispatching staff for day and also Night Shifts. This entails making sure that all regulatory forms and data sheets are correctly completed and all staff are aware of, and talked through, their work requirements. He liaises between GSL Staff and Project Managers/STMS on site. After completion he debriefs Staff and completes internal information gathering spreadsheets.

He has completed both internal and external management courses to facilitate implementation of Company Safety, Environmental and Quality Policies, and is responsible for their development and implementation. 

Tim is our “Environmental Champion” and has acted as Graffiti Solutions Ltd’s Traffic, Safety, Quality and Environmental Manager for many of our largest on-going contracts. In this role, he has been responsible for enhancing health and safety systems, environmental systems, auditing performance against quality and safety plans, and implementing initiatives targeted at improving health and safety, including traffic safety.

Tim is responsible, in conjunction with the Contract Manager, for the day-to-day running of Graffiti Solutions Ltd and he has a wide knowledge of all manual and management operations. He is a capable, dedicated and competent manager whose relaxed style relates to all people he comes in contact with.

Technical Qualifications:
  • Level 2/3 STMS - (NP)
  • National Certificate in Civil Infrastructure
  • Heavy goods class 2 licence
  • Site Safe Supervisor Gold Card
  • Site Safe Advance Passport
  • Trained Health and Safety Representative Stage 1  
  • Individual Train Detection (ITD)
  • Certificate of Training in CPTED
    (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)
  • Workplace First Aid
  • Pressure Cleaning
  • Dangerous Goods Handling
  • Working at Heights
  • Applied Surface Coatings
  • David Forman Sales Diploma
  • Internal Auditor (International Certifications)

Robyn Scott - Administrator

Robyn Scott

Started April 1995

Robyn is responsible for a wide range of administrative duties, including stock control and reporting.

Her role includes Accounts Management for both Graffiti Solutions Ltd and GSL Glassguard Ltd - both debtors and creditors; and general office expenditure.

Robyn develops the Graffiti-Free Guarantees (GFGs) and Etch-Free Guarantees (EFGs) for both companies.

She is back-up to the Operations Manager and the Contracts Manager and assists with despatch and debrief and the management of small jobs.

Robyn is also responsible for the day to day running of our graffiti maintenance contract within the Auckland Motorway Network.


Michael O'Callaghan - Operations Manager

Michael O'Callaghan

Started April 2008

Michael has had over 9 years’ experience in the glass protection industry, the last 5 years as Operations Manager of GSL Glassguard Ltd, a sister company to Graffiti Solutions Limited.

Michael managed the recent protection of the Victoria Park Acoustic Barrier, the largest and most demanding etching and graffiti protection project undertaken in New Zealand.

He has expertise in applying printed laminates overlayed by etch protection film, which have been used extensively on bus shelters and railway platform shelters

After initially training in glass film-laminating in Canada, Michael’s long experience in this specialist application has enabled him to develop his own techniques and methodologies which are now used by GSL Glassguard.

Technical Qualifications:


Rebecca Harris - Administrative Assistant

Ann Jones

Started February 2015

Rebecca is the front-of-house contact for all matters relating to both Graffiti Solutions and GSL Glassguard.

She has a hands-on knowledge on the day-to-day running of both businesses and can direct any queries to the appropriate person within the organisation.

Administrative duties also include keeping records of vehicles and assisting with staff records. Rebecca attends to a wide range of administrative tasks.


    • BA in Social Policy & Sociology

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