GSL Glassguard etching protection anti-graffiti films

GSL Glassguard etching protection anti-graffiti films not only protect glass from future acts of vandalism,  Glassguard films are specifically designed to help cover-up existing scratches.  The film cures, with the adhesive bonding to the vandalised etched glass, concealing the visible scratches and helping them slowly disappear from view.

Windows are then protected from future attacks from etching vandalism.  While it is still possible to scratch the film, your windows remain protected and replacement of any damaged film is fast and easy due to the new quick release adhesive. The film is virtually invisible once installed and may be cleaned with normal non-abrasive cleaning materials. 

GSL Glassguard etching protection anti-graffiti films are an economical alternative to the constant replacement of glass. Future replacement costs are often covered by insurance policies, or through our Etch Free Guarantee.

Benefits of GSL Glassguard clear etching protection anti-graffiti films:

  • Low cost - reduces glass replacement costs
  • Spray resistance - hard coat surface wipes clean from most spraypaint, paint and marker pens
  • Chemical resistance - solvent resistant, retains glossy appearance after cleaning
  • Etch protection - helps prevent scratching, etching and gouging of substrate and accidental damage
  • Provides shatter control - fragmentation retention

GSL Glassguard applications include:

  • Protects any smooth, flat, non-porous surface such as glass, marble, stainless steel and plexiglas or polycarbonates
  • Bus and train vehicle windows
  • Bus shelters and train platform shelters
  • Retail store fronts, display windows
  • Mirrors
  • Glass balustrades

GSL Glassguard innovated a new solution to dealing with Glass Etching Vandalism to glazing : Printed Graphic films. We are leaders in the field with this unique and effective method of reducing damage and etching vandalism to glass in public places.

GSL Glassguard Printable Graphic Films for Bus and Train Shelters
Printable Graphic Films for Bus and Train Shelters


GSL Glassguard Printable Graphic Films for Bus and Train Shelters

GSL Glassguard printable graphic film can be customised allowing our clients to print any images onto our film.  Experience has proven that the use of colourful and interesting graphics that reflect the local place, culture, fauna or history reduces the likelihood and visual impact of future glass etching vandalism.

CPTED principles have been adopted (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)  with the film providing a colourful and attractive glass protection medium that can still be seen through while not compromising commuter safety within the shelter. The safety film helps provide a security solution for glass breakage by impact, collision, blast or natural disaster, whilst the printable surface provides tremendous graphic effect.

GSL Glassguard Printable Graphic Films have been successfully installed as an innovative Glass Etching Protection Solution to a number of public transport assets, and are proving to have application in other environments such as schools and businesses, along with being a great advertising medium for window panels.

GSL Glassguard safety films

Hazard Mitigation - Safety Zone Range of Films

The GSL Glassguard range of safety and security window film transforms the most vulnerable and threatening area of your home and workplace into a more secure environment. The installation of the right GSL Glassguard safety film can minimize the threat of glass related injury resulting from impact, collision, blast or natural disaster such as earthquakes.


  • In the home, 4 mil and 7 mil clear Safety film professionally applied will generally protect a child who stumbles into a glass door, or smashes a ball through the window pane.
  • In the inner-city, where there is a high concentration of glass fronted buildings and shop windows, the threat of natural disaster, vandalism and robbery demand the greater level of protection provided by 7, 8 and 12 mil Safety Zone films.
  • In areas in the shadow of potentially explosive sites such as oil refineries, gas tanks and industrial areas, Safety Zone 7, 8 and 12 mil security films can offer increased protection.
  • In regions where the potential for disaster originates from the natural threats of earthquake or  severe storms Safety Zone 12 mil security films can help save lives.

GSL Glassguard developed a highly effective mechanical anchoring system to increase the performance of safety and security window films. Whilst the Safety Zone 12 mil security film grips the glass fragments, the  Anchoring system secures the film to the window frame, maximizing the effectiveness of the film, and helping to prevent collapse of the window.

GSL Glassguard Security Laminate is a tough sheet of polyester film bonded to ordinary glass to make it less easily broken through.  It is thicker than standard window film and has a more powerful adhesive.

  • Limits “smash & grab” burglary by deterring or delaying intruders
  • Broken glass holds together in frame – no boarding up costs
  • Convenient cost-effective way to upgrade existing glazing
  • Approved UL 972 Standard for Burglary Resisting Glazing Material

Our films have all been tested and all have international accreditation and standards.

Benefits of ANCHORED Security Laminate Installations:

  • Limits forced entry
  • Replaces unsightly window bars or shutters
  • Increases safety and security
  • Suitable for most window and door frames, including facades, curtain walls and skylights
  • Answers insurance requirements
  • Retrofit security solution, effective and non-disruptive

The anchored system is recommended for use in shop-front protection, high security institutions or public areas vulnerable to unrest or attack.

GSL Glassguard work with you in crime prevention. The more layers of protection that you can create, the more difficult it is for intruders to succeed. Most burglars are looking for the avenue of the least resistance - your windows! Installation of high  quality locks, strong doors, motion-sensor lights, monitored alarms, and GSL Glassguard security laminate protection on all glass panes are all important preventive tactics.

GSL Glassguard sOLAR FILMS

GSL Glassguard offers a comprehensive range of solar control window films for residential and commercial use. These films improve the energy performance of the building.  SolarZone film increases comfort for the occupants by minimizing glare, neutralizing hotspots, and screening harmful UV radiation.  In addition, films help contain glass fragments in the case of breakage. 

Exterior Solar Films

When interior installation of solar window films is too difficult or prohibited, or the glazing is too sophisticated for standard solar films, exterior installation is the answer.  GSL Glassguard  offers a selection of popular films for outdoor application, with a superior Scratch Resistant coating.   Exterior solar films hold up to the elements well, without any of the discoloration, haziness and flaking that mar so many other outdoor films on the market.

GSL Glassguard Projects

Specifications are available for download are provided in both Word Document and PDF format for specifiers’ convenience. However, we strongly recommend that you discuss with us your requirements first-hand as there are many intervening variables in the selection of a system and we may be able to offer a more suitable alternative.

GSL Glassguard Specifications Click here to download GSL Glassguard Specifications (Word Doc)
GSL Glassguard specifications Click here to download GSL Glassguard Specifications (PDF)


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